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Just wondering if anyone here is vegan and if they feel it had any impact on their diabetes? I'm considering making the change, but not because of being diabetic, just as an overall goal to be...

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12/2809 I was DKA. I was started on a regiment of Novalog before meals. (sliding scale) Lantus 30 A1c was 12%. Now 6%. Am I cured? All tests normal

Asked by: kevin/carrie Category: Newly Diagnosed

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1 - National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse. Diabetes Overview. (Accessed 10/24/10).

Reviewed by Francine Kaufman, MD. 4/08

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by Lindsey Guerin
I desperately need to set some goals to get my management back on track. For the first time in months, I have no idea what my 7 day average is, let alone my 30 or 90 day average. I'm certainly not checking as often as I should be and I just can't seem to take time for tracking anything...